Foot position

When im braking my heel is usually in the air (I use fanatec csl elite v2 pedals at 75kg), I'm just wondering if this is ideal or if my heel needs to be planted on the floor whilst braking 100%?


  • I don't think there's a right or wrong way to hit the brake as long as you're able to put the force into the brake that you want and control it.

  • MadDog-ICMadDog-IC Member

    Having heel on ground is less efficient as a general rule but is good for small inputs and general leg comfort, when applying such heavy force of 75kg your whole leg and body force should be going into the ball of your foot with minimal flection of your ankle and most likely with your heel in the air or off the bottom plate, Brain is better at regulating muscle tension in thigh and calf (More consistent brake pressure) than what the ankle angle is positioned at (Less consistent brake pressure).

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