Recieved invoice but not packages, is this normal?

So after 3 days from ordering (29th of april) with everything in stock (formula v2.5x + qr1) I recieved the invoice. In this invoice there is specified that my items were delivered the 2nd of may. But my problem is I do not have the packages and I don't know where they are. So my question is does anyone else have this or no?

The reason why I'm asking only now is because I was set on needing to wait 2 weeks so I didn't care all that much. But after scrolling through the forum I saw that people only receive their invoice when their items are shipped. So I began to question how normal it was to already have my invoice. And yes I have already sent an email but I don't expect to get an answer soon.


  • You get a Invoice after a payment has been proccessed by a company and thats normal.

    I got my invoice after my order was being proccessed on a Monday, because i ordered late Friday evening. After that i waited 8-9 Days until it got delivered to my destination.

  • Sorry if I am stating the obvious, but the invoice is separate to the order confirmation email, correct? I haven't received an invoice yet although my order occured on April 22.

  • Koen BosKoen Bos Member

    yes i received both and for me the most worrying thing is that the invoice states that i should have received the wheel when i received the invoice.

    Delivery date: 02.05.2024

    Invoice Date: 02.05.2024

    Selected shipping type: UPS Standard

    The date of goods and services is the same as the date of the invoice.

    this is what is on the invoice so i assume this means i can only receive this when everything is shipped. i live in the Netherlands btw so it shouldn't take almost 2 weeks to ship from Germany right?

  • @Nick yes that’s correct.

    @Koen I guess it’s the delivery Date of the Invoice rather then the delivery date of the actual order.

    You can check UPS Track by Reference with your order Number to see if you shipment has been send out, this tends to be 1-2 days faster then you would receive it from Fanatec or UPS themselves.

    After that I guess it’s up to a week until it gets delivered to you. For me in Germany it was 1 day of shipping but we automatically get UPS Express Savor which might be faster.

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