Can I buy a Steering Wheel / Hub without any QR?

Denis BrownDenis Brown Member
edited May 15 in Steering Wheels


I got my CS DD+, and now I have one major problem. I ordered a Quick Release 2 to come with it, thinking that I have a Universal Hub V2. But it's a universal hub V1, so I cannot disassemble it in order to install the QR2.

Since I have a QR2 already, all I need is just the newer Universal hub, which is expensive enough on its own (I want to combine it with my podium button module). But when I try to order one, I am forced to select a quick release. The old Quick release 1 is sold out. What now? I don't need another QR2, specially since it will add another 100 Euro to the price. But since QR1 is sold out, the Hub won't be shipped (at least according to the message that sais that shipment depends on the availability of the quick release).

What can I do? Is there a way to order the hub without a quick release?


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