Gas pedal not working (Clubsport V3)

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I submited the ticket to support. if anyone has the same issue, i'm an open book, any suggestions are welcome.

Here is the ticket and now i'm awaiting their response:

"I have issue with gas pedal not working. I was lubricating gas and brake pedals to reduce the squeeky noise. I disassembled and assembled it back. When i tried to test it the gas pedal was not working, brake and clutch work fine. I tried to unscrew the small grub screw to see what's going on. It was very hard to unscrew it without further damaging the thread. Screwing it all the way in didn't make any difference.

What can i do to fix this issue?

I am willing to buy these spare parts if there is no other solution."

Here is the test to see if pedals are working.


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    Just thought I’d mention that the same thing happened to me on my CSP V3 pedals a while back and the problem turned out to be that I put the short silver rod, the one which connects the throttle spring to the black pedal, I put that in the wrong way around.

    If you have a look at the silver rod, one end has a magnet inserted into it, to allow the Hall effect sensor to know how far the throttle pedal is pressed. If the magnet is at the opposite end from the Hall effect circuit board, the one with the cable coming out of it, then the sensor will not receive any input and therefore, neither will the driver.

    So, just remove the silver rod and make sure the end with the magnet is directly next to the circuit board on the throttle pedal. Hopefully that will sort out your issue. Good luck.

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    Hello, thanks for the info. I fixed my issue!!!

    The small grub screw didn't go into hole where that metal pin is inside and magnet didn't move. That's why i didn't get any input when i press the throttle pedal. Still need to replace the parts because thread is damaged.

    Thanks a ton! Cheers!

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