Missing feedback when losing grip...

Hello dear Fanatec community, I have only been the proud owner of a CSL DD (8Nm) in combination with the McLaren GT3 steering wheel on my XBox for 1 week...although I have actually become several tenths faster straight away, because I can steer and above all brake much more precisely, I am missing an important factor in racing. On my old Thrustmaster TS-XW, I could immediately feel when the car was losing grip and could react straight away. With the Fanatec equipment, I miss this sensitive feedback.

What settings are necessary for this, or do I have to live with this compromise now?




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    it would help if you can post your current Wheel and Ingame Settings.

  • Hi Markus

    Actually, I use the recommended XBox F1 2023 settings with just one little modification on Vibration & Force Feedback Strength...

    CSL DD / Gran Turismo DD Pro

    Tuning Menu Settings:

    • SEN Auto
    • FF 100
    • FFS Peak
    • NDP 50
    • NFR Off
    • NIN Off
    • INT 3
    • FEI 100

    In-Game Settings:

    • Vibration and Force Feedback: On
    • Vibration & Force Feedback Strength: 80 --> instead of the recommended 60
    • On Track Effects: 30
    • Rumble Strip Effects: 40
    • Off Track Effects 30
    • Wheel Damper: 3
    • Maximum Rotation (F1 & F2): 360
    • Maximum Rotation (Supercars): 900

  • Try NDP 20 to 10.

  • Many thanks, will do!

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