CSL Pedals connection to wheelbase or USB?

I just got my CSL set with lots of stuff. I went for the load cell brake and took the standard brake as the clutch.

Now I was a little bit in a hurry so I had no time to read each and every manual. I understood that I can use the RJ cable and connect to the wheelbase or use the USB.

Now USB was described as “stand-alone” which could also mean “using” some other non-fanatec” steering wheel or whatever.

I used the RJ cable, but afterwards I noticed that maybe it would have served me better to use the pedals separately with their own USB, just for cable management and so on…

is there any functional difference or drawback not connecting to the wheelbase, but using USB. I can do it, right? I do not need to have this funny clubsport dongle, do I?


  • First - Dont connect USB AND RJ12 to the wheelbase and PC at the same time - it will kill the pedals!!

    You have to connect direct to the wheelbase if you are on console.

    If you connect the pedals direct to the wheelbase, you can change the brake force (BRF) direct on the wheelbase. You cant do this if you are using USB.

    Other than that, no difference (apart from saving a USB port on the PC)

    To update the firmware on the pedals, you have to use USB (See my first sentance!).

    So if you do go down the RJ12 route, you can leave the USB cable plugged into the pedal - just not connected to the PC. When it comes to updating, disconnect the rj12 from the wheelbase, plug into PC, update, unplug USB, reconnect RJ12.

  • Thanks that's the info I was looking for. Is the brake force adjustment available with the software as well, or is it really a functionality I loose, if I plug them in with USB? At the moment, as I don't have a dedicated rig, I am disassembling my gear from my desk and the USB is easier to use. Once I get myself a rig, it does not matter anymore, there I can go for the RJ12 as well.

    Funnily enough, I initially had it on the RJ and I made firmware update, I don't remember if it also wanted to update the pedals, but it ran through. It got stuck somewhere, but I think it was the wheel, not the pedals, but I did not brick my gear so I guess it went ok...

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