Cleaning and maintenance of my CSL Elite v1 pedals

Hellp, buying a new wheel base (DD+) and just realized that both my throttle and clutch pedals have some jerkiness. I recalibrated and the problem is not fixed.

How can I clean and grease these? I read about lithium grease, but I guess this is to lube, what about clean though? I have wd-40, and wd-40 silicon at my disposal currenty, but wiling to buy anything I should. Couldn't find any instructions online, so any help/comments/suggesions appreciated.


  • ...answering my own question, in case someone ends up in here looking for a reply.

    I bought WD-40 Specialist Contact cleaner ( and sprayed from the top side of the potentiometers from any direction I could (without disassembling anything), which are located exactly behind the pedals. Sprayed a couple of times yesterday, let it dry an tested today, no jerkiness at.all. Like brand new!

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