F1 24:Zero FFB/Terrible Throttle Input/Terrible Turning Input

Zero force feeback in F1 2024, there is more force feeback while in the menu than out on track.

If I hit the throttle 40%, I might move the car to 2kph, even though the game is showing throttle input at 40%.

Turning is next to impossible. I have steering angle set to 360 in fanatec control panel AND the f1 game, and still nothing works.

How in the world does an F1 game launch and not be able to work with the same products esports drivers will be using. This is insane. Any fixes or anybody else experiencing this?


  • That's interesting! I've been using CSL DD with ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X  and same settings as in F1 23 (see recommended settings F1 23)...with no issues whatsoever! Of course, handling is different and some modification may be necessary due to the modified physics in F1 24, but it's driveable!

  • No problems at all here with my CSL DD and McLaren GT3 V2. It feels very similar to F1 2023.

  • I still have no force feedback lol. I have no idea what is happening to be honest

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