F1 24 wheel displays Kph when in-game set to Mph on PS5

Hardware is ClubSport DD+ with ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 - all on Firmware 455. Anybody experiencing this 'glitch' or know of a fix?

No idea if it's a buggy game or the Fanatec firmware.


  • Im going to assume its the game - as thats whats sending the telemetry. I doubt that the wheelbase is intelligent enough to convert mph to kph and vice versa, or not...

  • I also have this glitch F124 isnt in Fanalabs for some reason

  • In SimHub, I get Mph so F1 24 Telementry is doing its job. Switching in-game setting to F1 23 Telemetry, then again Mph is processed by SimHub. All that doesn't rule out that the in-game driver/software for F1 24 being the problem. However, when switching to the F1 23 game, everything works as it should with the same Fanatec devices (also recognised as 'GT DD Pro' by game) displaying Mph on wheel as per the in-game setting. Back to F1 24, then display is still fixed at Kph.

    So possibly an in-game problem and/or Fanatec driver 455 issue.

    Regardless, both EA and Fanatec should look into this as imagine there are a substantial number of customers running this popular combo on PS5 and F1 24 with Fanatec ClubSport DD+ and ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5. Come on Fanatec... wakey wakey!

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    Such an issue can never be a firmware issue. The game sends the data to the display and the display is just showing what the game has sent to it.

    So you have to report this bug in the Codemasters Forum so they fix the display output as Fanatec cant fix this game issue, or, at least on PC, you need to wait until F1 24 support is added to the Lab next week where FanaLab controls what is being shown on the display instead of the game and the Lab then can send the correct MPH data to the display.

  • This post states a PS5 issue so Fanalab won't help.

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    Then Fanatec also cant help and you need to wait for a game update with a fix for this game issue.

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