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Why isnt F124 in the games menu on Fanalabs i had to add a custom game and it sucks compared to F123


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    Because the game was just released yesterday and the Dev can not magically add a game over night when he is on vacation.

    There will be a new version next week with F1 24 support and new CarsLists for ACC (Ford Mustang GT3), AMS2 (Stock Car 2024), iRacing (Season 03 new cars) and R3E (new BMW cars).

  • SimHub were quick on the draw and posted a new build several hours after the Early Access release of F1 24 and they make far less money that Fanatec. Not sure what point you're making Maurice but IMO, Fanatec should be working with the main sim developers to ensure software releases are aligned at time of product launch, if not before as best practice. If not, then how else is their stuff supposed to work with games (?). One would hope Fanatec and EA Sports are at least in discussion over Full Force integration, and updating Fanalab to support F1 24 is much more here and now impacting plenty of their PC customers I am sure.

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    Thursday was a public holiday in Germany with Friday being a typical off-day.

    The Dev did not got access to the game in advance.

    So it was just not possible to get the game added to the Lab for the launch. Money btw says absolutely nothing about if a Software gets support earlier than others. Simhub is easier as it does not support CDALP so it needs way less UDP implementation than FanaLab for example. And especially implementing CDALP correctly with every Car ID takes as lot of time as every car needs to be manually tested in every game mode to get the correct ID and then the full implementation also needs to be tested.

    Support will come next week as I said and that's quick enough. You just cant expect support on day1 these days, that's just an expectation which is wishful but not possible. You seem to think that adding something to a Software is easy - it's not, especially not when Codemasters changes a lot in their UDP Telemetry Code like they did this year.

  • Sunny Punn. fanalab is a free software and fanatec hardware works without that

  • This is a joke right? You are telling me a multi-million dollar company who has their own product sponsored in the game did not get early access to the game? Or even better yet, did not get into the beta to test their software? Or let's go one step further and say the company had to BUY their own $100 edition of the game that was released on the 28th of May, which was a monday, did not even attempt to release an updated (EVEN BETA) before the "full release" on the 31st?

    Okie dokie. If you say so.

    How I really feel is that it is inexcusable to not have any sort of software update to a new game especially an annually released title like F1. Logitech had day 1 drivers, Like someone else mentioned SimHub had an update as well.

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    This is not a joke, no. Dont know if you missed it but this multi-million dollar company is multi-million (70.000.000 €) in debt and on the edge of insolvency and due to this impeding insolvency is now to be restructured under the German Act of Stabilization and Restructuring of Companies (StaRUG) to get bought by Corsair. So it has much bigger problems than supporting a new game on day1 instead of day4.

    Logitech does not support UDP telemetry from the game so it had no day1 update to support anything. And SimHub needs way less UDP data than FanaLab so its easier to implement it, and they had no public holiday.

    The Fanatec hardware is fully working with the game without FanaLab, including LEDs and Display support. To get the extra benefits from the Lab like CDALP you just have to wait until the development is finished early next week either on Monday or Tuesday, depending on if the CarsList for iRacing can be finished within working hours or not because there wont be a new Lab version without the new CarsList for iRacing as it wouldnt make any sense to release a new Lab version for F1 24 on Monday followed by another new version on Tuesday for iRacing so the F1 support needs to wait until the iRacing CarsList is done after the new season build is released. We had access to the F1 beta btw but the beta has absolutely nothing to do at all with the finished game as it does not have all the UDP data like Car IDs implemented - this is only available in the full game which then also can only get started to be implemented when the game is released. And when there is a public holiday colliding with a game release, then thats unfortunate but it is what it is.

    PS: The 28th was a Tuesday, not a Monday. And only on 1700 CEST (after working hours) the Champions Edition was released. The dev had a look at the code immediately in the working hours on Wednesday and provided a first internal beta version which still had a few minor issues which can only be fixed on Monday after he is back from the day-off break after the public holiday. 

    Come on, its just 3 or 4 days after the release and you can play the game with the native support which is fully working with your hardware in the meantime. Its not that the hardware is completely not working.................. Or what FanaLab feature do you so deeply need NOW to enjoy the game?!

  • What is CDALP?

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    CDALP is just fancy name for game supplying the cars details, such as brand, model, telemetry for RPM etc so Fanalab can link them to profiles for RPM LEDS and other things specific to each and every car.

  • We are still waiting for the new fanalab beta version....😁

  • Available now.

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    Why waste your breath on cry baby entitled kids? SimHub has ALOT less code and UDP to implement. Therefore, a lot quicker to get working. No one complained about how long it took in the past. But this aligns with the fact kids and the younger generation are so entitled and spoiled little brats that think everything should be their way only and refuse to see that everything is NOT the same (I.e SimHub and FanaLab).

    P.S. You’re better than me, I wouldn’t have been able to keep it professional and courteous like you did. I would have went off lol.

    P.S.S. Keep up the awesome work!

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