Clubsport DD + Formula V2.5 (PC) - no LEDs and screen on F1 24

Hello All!

I have a little problem with F1 24 game on PC and my Fanatec gear.

Only in F1 24 game I don't have LEDs and screen on my Formula V2.5 wheel (with Clubsport DD Base).

Everything else works perfectly fine, every button, paddle and rotary. I have nice ffb also. In every other sim it works like charm. I have tried with Fanatec LEDs option in Telemetry setting on and off - no difference.

Basem QR and wheel have newest firmware, 457 drivers, newest Fanalab etc.

I will be grateful for help!


  • I dont even have FFB on my Clubsport DD + Formula V2 Wheel + CSL Elite V2 Pedals. And my throttle input in game shows 100%, but the car can never reach max speed. I am beside myself. I have tried literally everything. Wheelbase works perfectly fine in iRacing, ACC, etc. I am so fucking sick and tired of EA.

    Also - wildly enough, technically our wheelbase isn't even supported on F1 24, so count yourself lucky you even have FFB.

    See list of supported devices, posted by EA themselves, here:

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