My ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base is no turning on

Hi my ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base no longer starts... The power supply works, the light is green but when I press the start button, nothing happens. I bought it in April and it already won't start anymore.

I have submitted a support ticket, so I am waiting, but I fear the worst.


  • i was between two, buy the dd2 in black Friday or ClubSport DD+. currently it seems i todo right choice by buy DD2.

    because i not like issues like this at all.

  • I hit this with my clubsport dd last week which I’ve had since January. Filed a support ticket last weekend and heard nothing back.

    The forums have lots of people complaining about this; fanatec has a real problem on their hands.

  • We have the same issue. CS DD+ delivered 10th of may. Worked perfectly well during 4 weeks, great product, and suddenly, the base is dead!

    so disappointing.

    i hope a solution will be found.

  • Roy ZemanRoy Zeman Member

    After several months of working fine my CS DD has done this now. I use it on my Xbox so I had never updated firmware or I said was working just fine until yesterday. Raced a bit in the morning, took a break came back and the base would never initiate, power to the wheel but nothing else.

    Connected to a laptop, installed latest drivers but the pc never saw it as connected. Not sure what’s causing this but it sucks lol. This was my first DD experience and I was loving it. Now I gotta go back to a g923 until this is fixed.

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    Have an Extreme. Worked great for one day. After that it wouldn't turn back on. Opened a repair ticket. They sent a label for return to repair it. I got it back 2 weeks later and it turns on now but only has pc mode and green mode which shows a caution sign on the display whatever the hell that means, but no PS5 mode which is why I bought the damn thing. Bad quality control and worse service. $1600.00 worth of useless shit! PATHETIC!

  • Can you tell me how long it took them to respond to you please ?

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