Is this normal behaviour?

Hello guys,

This wil be my last post before contacting support.

Somehow in every game when i steer i feel the FFB bouncing around. I dont get a stable pulling sensation when going through corners/steering, i feel the ffb resistance in very fast wiggly spikes.

Doesnt matter if i set ffb lower. The spikes wil be there, just softer. Turning FEI down makes it more like smooth wiggles.

I reconnected my Thrustmaster t300 and the steering felt much better.

Is this normal behaviour for a dd base? Its not very smooth at all.

When u guys steer do u feel the ffb going back and forth?


  • What game are you playing and what car do you use ?

    If I drive the Porsche 992 in ACC through a fast turn, it also wiggles a bit but as soon as I change the car to my lovely Ferrari 296 it’s not that noticeable. In slow turns it doesn’t do it at all so I guess it’s just how the car in the game drives.

  • Hi!

    It does it in ACC, AC, GT7, F1 23. Doesn't really matter what car or settings i use. At first i thought it was car or settings related.

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