Button Module Endurace looses contact to Podium Hub.

Recently, my Button Module Endurance has lost contact with the Podium Hub after an unspecified period of time. In Fanalab, only the hub is listed instead of the module. I can then still switch via the APM. The Button Module display then freezes. If I pull the plug that connects both parts once and reconnect it, the whole thing works again for a while. Is this a software problem or a hardware problem? I have only touched the plug once and then virtually never again, so I don't know how it can wear out. My DD2 was recently serviced after it suffered a total failure. Could this also have something to do with it? I hardly had time to use everything after the RMA and now I'm noticing the fault.


  • AndregeeAndregee Member

    Next observation. Pulling the rim from the base and putting it on again, brings the connection back, so the plug of the Button Module is not the issue.

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