I have to get up every time and what is a stream deck?

Hi gyus,

Is there a sollution to the keyboard? I just went from console to PC and I havea to get up everytime to hit a key on the keyboard. Key board and mouse are wired.

I just saw a Sim rig build on you tube where the guy said you can use a stream deck to replace your keyboard.

What the hack is a stream deck and how did you solve the keyboard issue?




  • wireless keyboard.

    USB extension for keyboard/mouse

    Stream deck: wont let me post a link, but google it - its used by streamers, but you can map a button to a keyboard key/macro and have a fancy icon on it. Although they are quite expensive

  • Hi Daren,

    Thank you for your response. I went on a search for the stream deck. I found it an expensive solution to my problem. I have a Playseat Sensation Pro. Apparently Playseat makes a Keyboard holder. hhmm this SIM Racing on PC is turning into a money pit. 😪

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