CSL Pedals

I just replaced my old CL elite version 1 because the potentiometer was faulty reading 23% brake applied all the time. Got myself the new CSL twin pedal but it’s not very good poor build quality it was only reading 85% brake application on full pedal had to remove the the bracket with sponge damper in to get 100% brake travel .

2/ then I also had to modify brake pedal return stop was going back to far given me a 45% dead zone before registering brake application found magnet not aligned properly with the hall sensor so I had to put some rubber packing under the pedal to bring it forward now working properly.

3/. Then I also had to modify brake pedal plastic plate is too slippery foot keeps slipping off I put a motor bike inner tube over it now all good.

would not recommend these pedals unless I jut got one from a bad batch. Couldn’t be bothered to contact Fanatic takes to long for a reply


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