CSL Elite V2 via USB on PC. F1 2023 only registers input after brake is 50% activated.

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Wondering if there is a fix for this. Elite V2 pedals on PC, F1 23 will not register the input until brake is 50% activated (looking at Fanatec Control Panel).

Works fine in all other titles (ACC, iRacing, AMS2, LMU etc)...but only when using in F1 23, I cannot get it to match what Fanatec Control Panel is showing.

I have searched and found old threads regarding older F1 titles, other people say they fixed it by going though base instead of USB. I would like to keep using USB on PC but I can't get this to work.

Pedals are on latest firmware 1.6 on latest drivers 457.

Help please.


  • That's a known game issue, not possible for you to fix unless you connect them via RJ12 to the base directly, which is the recommended connection anyway.

  • That's crazy... I'm seeing posts going back to like F1 21 and still an issue?

  • some titles its not even recommencement use the usb as separate because off limited control inputs in game

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