ClubSport DD Extreme Software Disaster

SOFTWARE!! I have the ClubSport DD Extreme, and I’m going crazy with the software. There isn’t a single version of either Fanatec Control Panel or FanaLab that makes this wheel work properly. If the lights work, the screen doesn’t; if the screen works, forget about the lights, and it only works halfway (at best, it shows speed and gear). If by some miracle I manage to get both the lights and the display to work correctly, the feedback in the pedals disappears or the wheel suddenly stops working. The software is a disaster. I’ve tried Fanatec Control Panel versions 465, 466, and 467, each worse than the last. For FanaLab, I’ve tried versions 2.01.12, 2.01.21, and 2.01.31. There isn’t a single version or combination of both software that makes this damn wheel work properly. My level of frustration is such that I feel like breaking the wheel in half. Right now, it’s not even delivering decent feedback. I don’t know what else to do.


  • I forgot to mention something incredible... if you happen to install beta software and it updates the wheel, base, or pedals, there is no really good and easy way to uninstall that update. How is it possible that I can't uninstall a bad update? If anyone has something that can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Firmware/Drivers - not software.

    It is possible to revert back to a previous firmware - its built in

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