Cant send a support request "Please enter a message and a subject"

I am trying to send a ticket concerning my wheel shifters randomly losing functionality for a few seconds, I made a ticket filled it out and tried to send it, just to get the error. "Please enter a message and a subject" I whould like to add a screenshot of the problem but i can't because this form gives me another error saying my image upload failed "Error 403" Anyway I Tried sending the ticket on different days this did not fix the problem, then I tried it on different browsers & on different desktops just to have the same problem, I tried calling the support to find out they disabled it to fucus on replying on tickets "That i can't send" does anyone know a solution or the e-mail for the technical support?

Yours sincerely, 

Jasper van Paassen


  • Hi,

    I have exactly the same problem. I can place support issue for my broken wheel even when I put all details.

    This company is a joke.

  • You have not actually completed all the required details, and wont send until you do. In my case it was a missing product no/ not filled in the correct amount of digits. It will only send once you have completed the form in full.

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