Pulled my order as stories on this forum scared me. Does your Fanatec product work well?

This past week, I ordered the DD Extreme and V3 Pedal set to replace my Thrustmaster T300 (PS5/GT7). I was REALLY excited about the upgrade! After reading about product issues and the lack of support, I freaked out and cancelled my $2000 order. At least my Thrustmaster works dependably.

I still really want it, but feel maybe I need to do a little more research before deciding it’s a good investment. Obviously, more people tend to post about product & support issues, and less about how happy they are with it. So let me ask it this way…

‘Is the DD Extreme platform not ready for prime time just yet? Should I wait a year? Or does yours work great!’


  • I would be a little Leary of the CS DD and DD + which is on the extreme package. Seem to have powering on issues. My Clubsport DD Wheel Base worked fine for about three months, but now it won’t power on and initiate. Could be hardware or drivers and firmware, no answers seem to be present in the Posts from those having this issue.

    The Wheel Bases are fantastic except for this one hiccup.

  • Smart move Ken. I have an order that hasn’t moved in three weeks.

  • Actually, I received shipping notice from FedEx today from TX. Once I cancelled, they shot it out the door! I plan to refuse delivery by not signing for shipment. Not sure if I’ll eat some shipping, but it beats questionable product quality w/ marginal support. Almost bit the big one.

    I ordered the Logitech G Pro w/ Pedals to replace my TM T300. $1200 vs $2K, but it really wasn’t price. Customer support is at the core.

  • Wow Todd. I ordered mine 5 days ago?

  • service après vente nul , c’est à la limite de l’escrocquerie car aucun service après vente

  • YOu get a refund? Because me not…. Still waiting for 3d week the refund of my orders…

  • Tomorrow is three weeks exactly from when I placed my order and is when I will call the CC company and dispute this transaction and get a chargeback. I’ve emailed several times and got one automated response, and called a few times as well and always get directed to customer support voicemail which the mailbox is always full. ZERO customer support.

  • I mean… remember that happy customers without issues don’t usually show up on forums to let everyone know. You’re going to get confirmation bias on forums

  • @Ken McNeill

    I ordered DD Extreme, V3 pedals (bought inverted by mistake but they work fine so I keep them) and the Shifter SQ 1.5 the 5th of June, everything was sent 6th and I got it friday 14th 3 days ago. I have also bought a Playseat trophy that I assembled during the weekend and today monday with everything mounted on my rig, I updated EVERYTHING to latest firmware through Fanalab 2.01.35 and driverpackage 457.

    I only played GT7 on myPS5 so far but everything is working perfect.

    I was in your shoes Ken, worried about state of Fanatec but I might been extremely lucky or something, but I'm a VERY HAPPY Fanatec customer!!

    Of course, I hope it stays that way. ;)

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