CS DD+ problem FFB very hard


I feel like I'm the only one with this problem.

I play with my CS DD+ on ACC ON PS5.

After braking the base gave me a strange phenomenon and after that the FFB was very hard on both sides (right or left) almost impossible to drive.

So I decided to turn everything off and on again.

I thought everything was back to normal, but no, there's a very elastic and elevated force that wasn't there before! 

I don't understand has anyone had this or am I all alone in the world? 


  • interesting.

    perhaps look the ffb settings at steering wheel if they are same or something changed?

    if something changed there could be buffer overrun somewhere in firmware. if not then dunno

  • No, there has been no change in the FFB parameters, and if I wanted to do something to modify the phenomenon, nothing would change. 

  • you could try reinstall firmware. and look if that phenomenon goes away if not then it could be that something happened with hardware self

  • yes I also tried that by retrograding the firmware of the base but nothing did it I will try to retrograde the WQR too.

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