Thank You for responding But you solved nothing I spent over 6000 and you treat me if I'm a peasant.

I have purchased at least 4 dd's in a time span of 4 years hubs as well and when things broke i never bothered you at all i D.I.Yed it and still promoted you like my mind was numb unconditionally. I mean obsessed fan boi and proud to be an unpaid unrecognized promoter. I even sent an 4email to the R&d, Promotion and sponsorship tp be rejected on all fronts. I watched you give products to unknowns to promote I watched things that should have raised a red flag but still I grifted. But, all I asked for was for an old maybe even refurbished base to replace the one I had (but i ended up fixing) I needed a hub and I though I to myself well I had already spent well over 4 grand already, maybe they will look out for my Loyalty and send me a hub so I can stay on the grind with my FREE promotion of a product I loved past the defects. But now I see that loyalty will get you treated like a peasant. Thanks Fanatec for yourrrr loyalty to the consumer!

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