Delayed........ Delayed...... and then Delayed.........

really frustrating...... PreOrdered a BMW GT2 V2 wheel in February, saw the wheel being in stock and shifted to warehouse for shipping preparation in Feb, and I am still waiting because there is NO QR1 available!! this has been a painful wait and dealing with Fanatec support is genuinely a extreme test of ones' EQ..... really hope I am finishing this piece of headache ASAP..... I will seriously consider before I make any future purchase, won't drive myself by emotion.... 🤬🤬🤬🤬


  • [email protected] its full of reclaims haha…. This company is a joke.

    I’m not suprise that they are in bankruptcy….

  • Raymond XuRaymond Xu Member
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    Funny thing is if you contact them and tell them that :

    1. You don't want the QR1 anymore and
    2. No need to refund it
    3. Just send the BMW wheel

    They'll tell you it's impossible and "please wait for QR1 to re-stock".

    True story. I myself have a Black Friday 2023 order that's still waiting for the QR1. It's been 7 months.

    I'd be surprised if this kind of rigid process doesn't put the company into a crisis.

  • Seems there is no QR1 stock available, and QR2 base side on type C is out of stock too. Nightmare, and Support still dont answer. On a side note, I saw Corair had a Fanatec Rig on the stand at Computex, mainly to sell monitors, but its still there. I know Corsair has injected some money, but when does Corsair take control ?

  • Corsair dont inject money… Banks get the control of the company and now want to sell it i suppose.

    The stock goes to 0, has 0 value and now will sell the company to Corsair i think.

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    if that is true then that takes forever because stock like go up again sometimes

  • Bruce JohnsonBruce Johnson Member
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    I had a similar problem. I ordered a base side QR2 on Black Friday and a bundle of 3 wheel side when they Became available in December. So when it was all installed (in January) I had a spare wheel side because I knew I would be getting a 3rd wheel. I wanted a ClubSport Universal hub V2 for Xbox which was in stock, but there where no QR1s in stock (may have had QR2s, but I didn't want to spend loads more for something I already had). I was prepared to wait a little while but the date kept getting put back (months in the end). Fortunately I found a new one sans QR locally and cancelled the order. I had no trouble getting a refund so I was happy to order again (not another wheel or QR); still on back order but this time only a couple of weeks (I hope).

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