TechSupport Required - Getting Sick of the automated responses that incorrectly state my inquiry.

Hello Fanatec.

I am experiencing issues with my DD Pro which I bought in Nov 23. I cannot enter my serial number into the website to access technical support. More worrying is the fact that my written requests for support via the website have so far been responded to with automated responses giving me information on delivery dates.

How do I resolve this issue? I am clearly still in the warranty period and cannot afford for Fanatec to ignore my problem. I bought these products in good faith and have spent quite a bit of money so far. I am entitled to the same good faith in return for my custom. Right now it does not feel this way to me as the support system in place is failing me.

I should add that when I click on the DD Pro in my orders it takes to an 'This Item is no longer available' screen. Clearly this isn't the case as the DD Pro is still available to buy.

Can a Moderator in this forum please point me in the right direction please?

Thank you


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