If there are any devs lurking around here, I could use some help

I'm trying to figure out if I'm dealing with faulty hardware, bad code (mine), bad firmware/drivers, or something else. I have a clubsport wheel base v 2.5 with a wheel and CSL Elite Pedal set. They were acquired around 2019 sometime, I think.

I have been unable to get the pedal set to work using the cable that connects the pedal set box to the wheelbase. I have been able to get the pedal set working independently via the USB connector. I have been playing around a little with Asseto Corsa, but have yet to get FF working.

I have created a super basic forms app that just applies a CCW constant force at the wheel axis. It works with a Logitech G29 just fine. I cannot get the Fanatec Wheelbase to respond to any FF at all. I have a much larger more comprehensive application that allows device selection and all of the DirectInput parameters can be changed and are linked to form controls and they all work awesome with a G29, again, nothing with the Fanatec.

Full disclosure, I'm seeing cracked plastic and suspect this has been dropped at least once. Still, this stuff is built like a tank...consistent with traditional German engineering reputation. :) I'm not able to provide any code. Seems the forum attachment filter prevents that. Although I will probably ask a question on Stackoverflow or stackecxhange. I'll try to paste it into the content of this post.

using SharpDX.DirectInput;

namespace FanatecFormFF {

  public partial class Form1 : Form


    readonly DirectInput directInput;

    readonly Joystick wheel;

    Effect effect;

    int[] _actuatorObjectIds;

    int[] dirVector;

    public Form1()



      var directInput = new DirectInput();

      // Initialize DirectInput

      var actuatorsLst = new List<int>(1);

      // Find and initialize the Fanatec wheel

      var devices = directInput.GetDevices(DeviceType.Driving, DeviceEnumerationFlags.AttachedOnly);

      if (devices.Count == 0)


        Console.WriteLine("No Fanatec wheel found.");



      wheel = new Joystick(directInput, devices[0].InstanceGuid);

      foreach (var obj in wheel.GetObjects())


        if (obj.ObjectId.Flags.HasFlag(DeviceObjectTypeFlags.ForceFeedbackActuator))


        //if (!obj.ObjectId.Flags.HasFlag(DeviceObjectTypeFlags.NoData))

        //  dataGenerators.Add(obj);


      _actuatorObjectIds = [.. actuatorsLst];

      dirVector = Enumerable.Repeat(1, _actuatorObjectIds.Length).ToArray();

      wheel.Properties.BufferSize = 128;


    private void Form1_Shown(object sender, EventArgs e)


      wheel.SetCooperativeLevel(Handle, CooperativeLevel.Exclusive | CooperativeLevel.Foreground);



    private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


      // Set up the force feedback effect

      var constantForce = new ConstantForce


        Magnitude = 5000 // Set the force magnitude (range is typically -10,000 to 10,000)


      var effectParameters = new EffectParameters


        Flags = EffectFlags.Cartesian | EffectFlags.ObjectIds,

        Duration = int.MaxValue,

        SamplePeriod = 0,

        Gain = 10000,

        TriggerButton = -1,

        TriggerRepeatInterval = int.MaxValue,

        Axes = _actuatorObjectIds,

        Directions = dirVector,

        StartDelay = 0,

        Envelope = null,

        Parameters = constantForce


      //// Create the effect

      //var effectInfo = new EffectInfo


      //  Guid = EffectGuid.ConstantForce


      effect = new Effect(wheel, EffectGuid.ConstantForce, effectParameters);

      // Start the effect

      effect.Start(1, EffectPlayFlags.NoDownload);


    private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


      // Stop the effect





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