CSL Elite V2 brake loadcell pedal stopped working despite limited use

My CSL Elite V2 brake pedal started registering a ghost input at 10-20% without contact with the pedal and then a couple of days later, it stopped registering any input. I raised a ticket on May 19 and got an email response on June 6 to troubleshoot, including resetting load cell kit and driver updates, which I completed but the pedal continues to be non-responsive. I've sent the necessary videos and have been following-up frequently with no response. Can anybody suggest how I can escalate it and get the replacement parts to fix. My gear is unusable currently


  • Same shit happened to me, I have sent an rma request through their website the 29th of may and I haven't received a response yet.

  • I've probably sent 7 follow-up emails on the original ticket but complete radio silence from Fanatec. it's painful to see the slow response time and lack of value placed on customer grievance. All I need is for them to ship the replacement parts.

  • I am disappointed that the fault ticket I made about my v2 CSL elite pedals on the 18th of June still hasn't been replied to.

    Is there a spare part that I can purchase?

    I am hating the experience so much that a youtube video seems most likely.

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