CSR Pedals not connecting properly to the CSW v2.5

I'm brand new to this so please let me know as much as you can tell me, I a CSW v2.5 wheelbase that is connected to my pc and sends all the correct signals and everything is picked up by the control panel. When I just connected my CSR pedal set to the wheelbase via a generic rj12 cable the throttle is barely recognised as the handbrake and it only registers at 100% before being variable, the brake pedal activates the clutch just after it is let go from 100% and jumps from 0 - 100 - 0 again. The clutch does absolutely nothing. Is this a cable problem? Because when i bought it all three pedals were working fine on the sellers setup. Any help would be great! Thanks!


  • quick update:

    all 3 pedals are now registering

    Clutch: registers as handbrake and isn't sensitive until depressed fully and then slightly sensitive. Handbrake starts at 100% and fully depressed clutch puts it at 0%

    Brake: registers as clutch and is responsive, clutch default is 100% and fully depressed is 0%

    Throttle: registers as brake pedal and is responsive, brake default is 0% and fully depressed is 100% - seems to be the only pedal working properly aside from the fact that it thinks it is the brake pedal

    Either way, nothing is communicating as the throttle and so i am still concerned. All I have done is replugged the cables into the circuit board and that has made them register, I thought I accurately connected each cable into the correct terminal but will check again. I am most concerned still that nothing is acting as the throttle and hope that this sorts itself out but I will keep troubleshooting.

    No matter the input, please let me know big or small if there is anything I can do to help my situation.

  • Additional note:

    tested the setup on both my pc and laptop, same problems with both. could be pedal side or wheelbase side but let me know your hypotheses anyway

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