Clubsport DD+ stuck in Update Mode

My DD+ is stuck in Update Mode. The update then always fails. The device is shown as unknown device in the device manager. I tried different USB-C cables (including the original one) and every possible Software. I also uninstalled all Fanatec drivers in between trying the different software versions.

The update always fails at Waiting SteParameterRequest response (just stays at this message), so I guess the software is broken. Probably the needed parameters the base needs to tell the software in order to update are corrupted in memory, but it could be anything else aswell.

Does anybody have another idea what to try?

Fanatec RMA times are crazy right now. Already waiting for 2.5 weeks for an answer and I know it can take another 2.5 weeks. Would be happy if I didnt need to ship it to Fanatec and if I could just play.


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