Grand Turismo DD Extreme - Questions for any Canadians :P


I would like to purchase Grand Turismo DD Extreme.

Have any Canadians bought Fanatec before?

This one is worth nearly $2,000 CAD with shipping! O.O

Just wondering if anyone has had any problems due to shipping. Thanks.

I'm new to racing sim and I've spent a lot of time researching.

I would like to start with a DD wheel, one that will not need upgrading.

This is why I chose Grand Turismo DD Extreme :)

It'll take me a few weeks/months to gather up enough $ for Grand Turismo DD Extreme so any suggestions/ideas appreciated.

I can't wait to join the world of sim racing!


  • I don’t recommend you… I have one and I’m having FFB/freeze issues. Even the event there in Montreal (Gran Turismo World Champion, sponsored by Fanatec), they’re using DD Pro. DD Extreme is facing randomly issues that they can’t solve at the time.

  • I get random disconnects once in a blue moon, but even with that I am highly pleased with the DD+. Great base (I have the extreme wheel which is pretty good, but I use the PBMR, PAPM, and GT Zero rim), which will be even better when they get the firmware worked out. Once GT7 gets their full force worked out, there won't be a better base on the market for GT7.

  • Appreciate the honesty.

    Still, it'll take me a while to save up $2k :)

    Hopefully by then... Fanatec will have fixed their current problems.

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