Problem with LED ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® Esports V2


the LEDs don't work and I don't see the speed on the display. I set the RPM/GEAR DISPLAY: on. Can you help me?

In other simulators it works

Thank you


  • I don't use the F1 wheel so I likely can't answer your question, but every issue I have are related to:

    1. Base
    2. Wheel
    3. Game
    4. Driver

    So those details will hopefully get you more answers.

    For me 455 Driver was the last stable driver I had. but updating to a DD+ or QR2 will force you to move to 456 or 457 Drivers. All of these Drivers have been riddled with different issues based on the above details.

    On 457 my AMS2 works pretty good, but my M4 Button LEDs are slow and my BMR LEDS work, but the OLED screen does not work.

    In LMU my M4 has all kids of Button LED issues, but my BMR is fine. OLED does not work.

    BMR OLED has been broken since it's release. Maybe it worked on 455 but I can't remember. It seemed to be different on Podium Hub vs Clubsport Hub in each version

    Also note that my button LEDs are different from your Rev LEDs. I know there have been a lot of posts about the F1 issues on this forum.

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