‘Fanatec’s financial situation just got much worse.’


  • This guy again? I don't know why Fanatec gave this guy an exclusive interview in the first place. Clearly he is (almost) all about click bait.

  • I only watched a few videos of him, but the guy has basically nothing to say. I blacklisted his videos from my feed, as I really despise of clickbait. Do not bother yourself with any "information" he has to say.

  • Markus TMarkus T Member

    He says anything as long as it generates clicks. Look for other sources, don't listen to him.

  • Let me tell you the story in the form of a dream,

    I don't know why I have to tell it but I know what it means,

    Close your eyes, just picture the scene,

    As I paint it for you, it was 2023,

    When this man named Chen woke up,

    Chen was not a complainer,

    He was just a man with a passion for racing in Taiwan...

    That day, he crawled out of bed like he always did,

    Checked his email, and the status of his order,

    He had placed an order with Fanatec six months ago,

    Confirmation email said, "Your order will ship soon,"

    But months turned into months, and nothing came through,

    Chen knew what it would lead to,

    Just like he guessed, frustration grew,

    "The order you placed will ship soon," they said,

    But six months later, it’s still not delivered...

    Chen finally realized that the BF sale was a meticulously planned scam by Fanatec,

    Because they were facing financial difficulties,

    It was a well-orchestrated scheme to collect money without delivering the products,

    Leaving customers like Chen in a state of confusion and frustration...

  • I can relate to your frustration, as I placed my order during the BF '23 Sale (24 of Nov.) for a total of 3.861,57 EUR. It got deleayed like everything else at that time, mainly because of the CS DD+ release. But eventually, I got my products 5th of March '24, so delivery took less than 4 months.

    I agree, it is considered too much time for an order to arrive in 2023-24, and probably they also severely miscalculated their releases, lead times and cash flow too! Though I am positive that they did not inted to scam anyone at all, but the events incurred were the result of bad planning from their end and tough luck they could not mitigate.

    However, in the end, I am a happy customer and would buy from Fanatec again (if I had not bought everything all at once I wanted ...for now :), because I consider their products genuinely refined and of high quality.

    Best of luck to you Chen!

  • I got inspiration from you!!

    I will write “In the end” version lyrics of this story 🤣🤣

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