Clubsport DD+ | Australia

Hi GUys,

I just wanted to share my experience with the new Wheel. I ordered it 2 days ago and received it already! (Melbourne).

I was coming from a CSL DD 8NM and this wheel is more detailed than it in Iracing, it took a bit of dialling in with lowering the Damper in tuning menu and obviously playing with settinsg in game as well to suit new wheel but i'm already loving the new wheel.

Firmware update was fine and running 455 Drivers and everything seems ok so far aftre a couple hours of use.

Just waned to share becasue i almost didnt get this becasue of all the bad posts lately about firmware and drivers and etc and though i should share my experience with you guys.


  • DD+ is 15nm and they use also 300mhz chip inside.

    by not owning this base by default i do know already that it is better than CSL DD

    but there is some stuff what i not like at that. that's why i choose dd2 instead

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