Ex wife destroyed all cables

My ex-wife has completely destroyed all of the cables that connect my wheel to the PC and my pedals to my wheel as well as my shifter to my wheel. The website doesn't seem to sell extra cables for anything other than the pedals and even those are completely sold out. I tried contacting support but it's been about 14 days and I have not heard anything from them. I read on the forums that you can't use any old cable and I'm at a complete loss as to what to do. I would try to rewire the cables however she destroyed one cable right at the connector and I can't find the other end of the second cable, I think she threw it away. Does anybody have any ideas on what I could possibly do? I'm more than willing to buy cables,but not sure what to buy or if I have to rewire or wire new connectors myself. Oh and she also destroyed my torque key but I read online that I can build one of those myself so I'm not as concerned with that at the moment.


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