CSL Elite V2 Pedals/Elastomer

Quick question: Does it make a difference if I arrange the elastomers from soft to hard or from hard to soft? What is the recommendation?


  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited July 8

    i think softer vs harder does have difference, they may react also for release timing and not only for pushing,

    if that is what you asking atm

    those micro milli seconds to may little affect the lap times. i guess you need try self what method is better

  • At the moment I'm using the black spring and two 70 shore and one 80 elastomer. In exactly that order. My question is whether it makes a difference if I arrange it the other way round. Spring, 80, 70, 70. Does the brake feel different? Or does it just make no difference. I'd try it out myself when I get the chance, but since I'm currently abroad for a while, I just wanted to ask this way.

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