Correspondance dd extreme and F1 wheel buttons

I play GT7 and I have dd+ with f1 wheel I have problems to find the correspondance as in GT 7 there is only the dd extreme wheel


  • Fanatec Podium this is F1

  • Yes but on GT7 you have to choose the base Dd pro or etreme and they propose only th extreme wheel…

  • Hi,

    It's a pity not to have GT7 proposing an additional driver for the F1 as the Podium is not totally fitting the button mapping (I tested both wheels and the mapping slightly differs on some buttons as right funky joystick).

    I found improving the F1 button mapping by using the GT7 driver CSL ELITE Racing Wheel (not the Podium) AND connecting the DD+ base with PS4 compatible mode (not the PS5 mode).

    This ameliorates the mapping but I have from time to time, some freeze in the LEDs bar or in display (speed or gear mention), or some changes in the wheel hardness when racing, but this can be solved shortly by making PAUSE and O to continue

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