Terrible support, stolen credit card, horrible experiance, NEVER BUY FANATEC AGAIN

I was very excited to buy the Fanatec racing system. But then all hell broke loose. I could not get it working so I tried customer support. No help so I requested an RMA. 6 weeks later no response. So I sent two certified letters, one to Germany and one to USA. This got me one response with a question. Still had to respond to the anonymous help email. Again no response for 6 weeks. So I started spamming help requests (10 emails every day) to the support line AND TO their HR email [email protected]. After a month of this they responded again but again with another step. This went on for about 6 months in total. Hundreds of spam emails and then 1 response and then they drop you dead again. Finally I got my refund. So frustrating.

AND THEY STOLE MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER - two weeeks after I bought the FANATEC system, my bank told me my card number was being used to buy GERMAN CAR PARTS. Clearly a staff member at FANATEC is STEALING Credit Card numbers!!!!!!!!


  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited July 10

    a what ?

    honestly tell using and give credit cart number to company's is newer good, there is a alternative like PayPal what covers your extra safety


  • Markus TMarkus T Member

    Fanatec does not have your credit card number. They cooperate with a separate company that handles all the payments, and they will never disclose their payment details with third party. Your CC data got mugged elsewhere.

    PS: The fact that you sent them 10 mails per day only caused the support backlog to get larger and increase times for everyone.

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