PWTS sold out in EU - UPDATE

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

The first version of the PWTS is now sold out in EU.

We still have some PWTS Pure and Ultimate editions but I don't think it will last until November as sales are increasing on a daliy basis.

The PWGT3RS V2 is back in stock in EU next week and we also received the shipments of the PWC which are currently clearing customs.




Now PWTS P and PWTS UE is sold out in EU. 

The shipment of PWGT3RS V2 has been sold before it arrived but all orders with September shipment date will be processed now. There are some more wheels coming but I am afraid that the wheels will not last until November if sales continue like last weekend.


PWTS will probably last some more weeks or days. 

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