Firmware 678 for PWTS, PWC and PWGT3RS V2 - UPDATE2

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We have a brand new firmware for the following wheels:

  • 911 Carrera
  • 911 Turbo S
  • 911 GT3RS V2 (NOT V1) 

UPDATE: We are investigating n issue with PWC. Please do not install this version at the moment.

UPDATE 2: There is one confirmed issue:
If you change the SPr settings it will also change the dEA settings


The new firmware has the following changes:

1. New Tuning function "SPr"

You can now adjust the spring force effect in PS3 and PC games. This improves the force feedback in many PS3 games dramatically. It is a big advantage especially on PS3 games like F1 2010.

I  did not notice any difference in GT5 P and NSF Shift.

On PC I also did not notice anydifference and on Xbox it has no effect for sure.


2. Fan mode

You now have two modes for the fans:

On: The fans run from the beginning  but run faster depending on the temperature

Off:  The fan is off and will start with a certain temperature.

You can toggle between the modes by pressing the 4 lower of the 8 main buttons of the wheel when the PWTS is still in standby mode.

On PWC and PWGT3RS V2 it is a bit tricky as you need to power on the wheel and let the wheel move fully to the right but before it returns to the center you need to catch the wheel, press and hold the four buttons and then move the wheel to the center.

You will also see the FWversion if you press those 4 buttons.



  • Like all other FW updates, this is a delivered as BETA version and you do the update on your own risk.
  • You really need to read the manual and we highly recommend to use  Win XP to make the update.
  • The manual is included in the .zip file
  • Take care that the USB drivers for the wheel in bootloader mode are installed manually and properly. This is the main reason for update problems.
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