Introducing the new Porsche 911 GT2 wheel- UPDATE: Video

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Let me introduce you to a new member of our racing wheel line of products:



Porsche 911 GT2 racing wheel


The new 911 GT2 Clubsport edition wheel has more to offer than any other wheel on the market today and comes with PS3, PC and also Xbox support so you can play GT5, Forza Motorsport and iRacing or rFactor with one wheel.

Illuminated buttons in the wheel rim show the right symbols if you play on PS3 or 360. The unique  Tuning function allows the full adaption to any game and compensates the limited possibilities you have in the options menu of GT5 and other (console) games to set up your controls.

The additional vibration motors in the wheel and on the brake pedal indicate the lock of the tires (ABS) and  the belt drive delivers sensational force feedback. The ClubSport pedals are made of CNC machined aluminum and not just some stamped iron plates or plastic. With their multiple adjustability and the pressure sensitive load cell on the brake it is probably better what most customers have in their car. 

We use only the finest materials. The shifter paddles are made of real carbon fiber and the rim is wrapped in 100% the same ALCANTARA leather as in the real car.  The base is painted in the original Porsche meteor grey metallic which is very close to the real car as well. Of course we also include two separate shifters for h-pattern shifting and sequential shifting.

We basically combined the advanced electronics of the 911 Turbo S with the wheel rim of the GT3 RS so it also comes with the genuine ALCANTARA leather like the original Porsche car.

Of course it comes with the big ClubSport paddle shifter made in aluminum.

The default firmware is 681 so it comes with plenty of adjustability including the latest dampening, spring, linearity and dead zone functions.

The wheels are already landed in EU and USA and are waiting for customs clearance. We are not sure if we can deliver before Christmas so we put January in the expected delivery date.

Of course it is fully compatible to the range of acessories we have so you can upgrade it with Carbon shifter paddles or the ClubSport table clamp etc.

We will offer two versions:

Porsche 911 GT2 Wheel (PWGT2)

  • 249,95 USD / EUR
  • Wheel only
  • Adapterfor G25 / G27 pedals included

If you add the standard pedals for 49,95 you will get a full multiplatform wheel with clutch pedals for just 299,85 USD / EUR

Porsche 911 GT2 ClubSport edition

  • 499,95 USD / EUR
  • Wheel
  • ClubSport pedals
  • Clubsport shifter paddles carbon
  • Shifter set (6+1 and sequential)

The wheel is not a limited edition but availability is very limited due to a production bottleneck.

The full feature list and more pictures are already on and you can also pre-order it there.


We are still working hard to bring this wheel to Australia and set up our webshop over there and you will not need to wait as long as before.

The price in Euro includes 19% VAT and the US price does not.

Shipping costs are calculated based on actual UPS freight rates. The PWGT2 CS comes in 3-4 boxes.




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