Stunning shifter and handbrake mod - UPDATE: comparison to CS handbrake

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator
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I would like to show you a very special mod for our Porsche wheels.

The creator of these products is Teki Ei-Ichi of Japan and I think he did a brilliant job without having tested his products yet.

He first designed a shifter wich looks just like the real thing.



His second mod was a handbrake which looks amazing as well. It is based on our CSPs and even uses the pressure sensitive load cell.



Both products look like an outstanding piece of high-end Japanese engineering and I like it a lot.

His handbrake brings me into a real dilemma.

We already have a prototype of our ClubSport handbrake and it is about to be ready for production but I am seriously considering to scrap our current design and let Teki Ei-Ichi help us to develop the CSHB. 

Here is a drawing of the CSHB. The lever can be mounted lying or standing. Inside is a simple spring mechanism with potentiometer. There will be several holes on all sides to mount it. Size will be much smaller than the TEI handbrake. 

The shifter seems to be much more expensive to produce than our planned CSS which should sell for about 100 USD/€ but how much more would you be willing to spend for a shifter in this quality?

Opinions please!


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