Testers for new website wanted! -UPDATE 1

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

We are working hard on a complete new website, new support system and a customer relationship management solution and we are ready to start tests with a small goup of people.

If you are interested to help us testing the new website please let me know and post something here in this blog.

Your tasks will be to check all webpages and list all problems you find or make suggestions for improvements. You will make sample orders (no payments of course) and fill the forum and blogs with test content so we know if everything works fine.

Of course you will get  a nice reward for your work. In case you want to apply for a CSA (community support agent) job you are welcome to show your talents here as well. We will select the CSAs after everything is set up.

I am looking for 20 to 50 testers. Some of them will be selected as admins and the rest will hopefully make a good stresstest for the system.

The new website will feature the following:

  • Merge the 911wheel.com community into Fanatec.com
  • Combine webshop and product description
  • Switch to the latest technology (Magento, vBulletin and Joomla)
  • Much better forum with more options
  • Detailed knowledge base for all products
  • Support ticket system
  • Automatic shipment dates info updates
  • Complete new design
  • Product configurator
  • ...and more!

So please let me know if you like to be part of Fanatec 2.0 andpost the reasons why you are the best for this job. Thanks.



Please make sure your profile is complete and up to date so I can contact you.

Thanks for the fantastic response. A lot of great people here!




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