How should a new high-end wheel look like?

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

It looks like Thrustmaster made a decent product with the T500RS and I congratulate Thrustmaster for beeing back in the market for serious wheels.

My first steering wheel was the legendary T2 wheel so it brought me into this business somehow.

Although our current line of products can keep up very well with the new competition I think that the T500RS also deserves an adequate response from Fanatec. 

So I would like to ask you what should such a wheel look like if we would start to develop it.

I am interested in things like

  • Compatibility to what platforms?
  • Shape and style of wheel rim
  • Steady or moving shifters?
  • Materials used on rim and base
  • Colours
  • Name
  • Adjustability
  • Licensed or not?
  • Dimensions, weight
  • Strength and speed of the FF motors
  • Ho wmany buttons, switches, joysticks etc?
  • New Tuning functions?
  • Compatibility to peripherals like CSP, Shifter etc.
  • Backwards compatibility to older games on PS3 or Xbox
  • Price range
  • Specials? 

Please consider that all features cost something and you usually get what you pay for. But of course we want to keep up with our policy of outstanding price performance due to direct distribution.

This project might take a long time for us but we need to get started somewhere so please let me know what you like and we will do our best to deliver it.




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