Fanatec at the Porsche Club of America Parade in Savannah

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Last week I was traveling to Savannah in the USA to attend the annual PCA Parade.

Over 800 participants brought their cars to Georgia/USA and there were a lot of nice people driving in our new RennSport Cockpit Underloor Edition.


We made a Hotlap competition driving a Porsche 911 Carrera RS of 1973 at Road Atlanta with all assists on except autobrake.

The winners:

  1. Trip Campbell 1.41.483
  2. Denver Sells 1.42.787
  3. Andrew Simrell 1.43.885
  4. Chris Walty 1.44.092
  5. Alex Rhoades1.44.438

Congratulations and have fun with your new 911 GT2 wheel plus ClubSport pedals!

The winners of the raffle will be announced in the PCA newsletter

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