ISR interview on the CSR Elite wheel - UPDATE: Feature comparison

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At Gamescom I made an interview with ISR about the CSR Elite wheel and some special features.

You can hear from my voice that the show was pretty exhausting but we had a good time.

Thanks to Andreas for the great help (he also helped me with the CSW introduction video) and spending his birthday on the show.


Feature comparison

Price of base with wheel rim  From 599 499,95
Compatibility PC, PS3 Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Connection wheel rim to base Quick release Detachable system
Hot plugging of wheel rim during gameplay yes no
Analog joystick yes no
5 way encoder switch yes no
Rev indication LEDs yes no
Advanced electronic options (bigger LED screen, more dialswitches, buttons etc.) yes no
Direct data output plug (not USB) yes no

Amounts of shifters attached in parallel

2 1
Steady shifter option yes limited (depending on rim)
Choice of wheel rims Full range Limited
Pedal compatibility (when connected to wheel)
Only digital (CSP, CSR E P)

All Fanatec
plus G25/G27

Advanced Tuning options


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