CSR product line shipping info - UPDATE 2

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

This post will show the status of the shipments of the whole CSR product line.

  • CSR wheel
  • CSR Elite Pedals
  • CSR Shifter Set


Ship to arrive on Oct 4th. Custom clearance in EU usually only takes a few days.


Ship has arrrived and goods are in customs clearance. We expect the goods to be ready to ship in week 40.

  •  CSR Elite Wheel
Production has not started yet. We expect production in November if final tests are succesful. We are still eliminating a few flaws.
  • CSR Pedals

Production will start in late October and shipments to arrive in early December (estimate)

The CSW will be made shortly after the CSR E and we have some special plans how to launch this product.


We started to ship out the CSR orders from our US warehouse. The containers arrived in Europe as well so we will start shipping in Europe in week 41. 


We started shipping to EU customers on Oct 10th and this week most customers should receive their products.

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