Introducing the GT rim for the ClubSport wheel - UPDATE

Originally I planned to show a video here which shows the new GT rim for the ClubSport wheel but a terrible accident happened.

Darin uploaded the video on Youtube and marked it private. He made a handwritten note of the link and faxed it to me before he went to our monthly team meeting on the Bahamas and then will be gone for his annual 8 weeks vacation.

The problem is that I cannot read the link and I need your help to identify the missing letters.

This is the link:


As you can see, I could not read three letters which are replaced with question marks ("?"). 

One of the missing letters looks like an "d" or "e" or "f" and the other looks very much like a "p", "o", "g" or "d". Or maybe a "c"?

Another one is impossible to read but I don't think it is a number. 

There is one question mark which was implemented in the link already. I think they do it on all videos.


Please HELP ME!

If you are the first to post the complete working link to the video here you will get this GT rim for free. Thanks a lot for your help.


Wow. That was fast! I wanted to play around a little bit with guys but  Simracer92 is a genious. Well done! You really deserved this wheel. And in order to let you drive it asap, i will add you to the betatest program of the CSW.


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