ClubSport Pedal Tuning Edition with free Tuning Kit UPDATE

For a limited period of time we are now offering the ClubSport pedals with a free Tuning Kit.

We have ordered too many Tuning Kits so this is your chance now to get our top of the line product in a very attractive bundle. No other pedal offers the combination of magnetic sensors, adjustable load cell and ABS vibration.

On a side note: After considering an inversion kit for the CSPs, I have decided that we will not do that for the CSP as it is too complicated to modify and it would be an ergonomic compromise as these pedals were built like real race car pedals which are mounted to the floor. This is how they work best and this is how they were designed to be used.

Side note 2: We do not plan to make any special bundle offers with the CSP and the CSR Elite or CSW at this point.



All CSP orders which have been shipped within the last two weeks can contact our sales team and receive the Tuning kit for free or get a credit note if they have ordered CSP with Tuning kit together.

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