CSR Elite review embargo ends soon

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The embargo for unboxing videos and reports ends today at 20.00 CET. As soon as you detect such a repor, make sure to post here in the comments!

The embargo for reviews is supposed to end next Saturday but in the US there was an issue with the shipment so not all testers have received their wheels yet. If this problem cannot be solved today and the wheels arrive in time, I will postpone the review.

This will give the community testers also more time to get familiar with the new firmware which will be released this week.

About shipping status: We have wheels on the way to the US and EU but I will not tell you how many and if you are part of this shipment or not. I hope that all customers understand that we are very busy at the moment and cannot give a daily status on every single order. All open CSR E orders are supposed to be shipped before Christmas as promised. I will report as the first wheels are ready to be depatched to our customers. Everybody is excited and so are we. :)

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