CSR E and CSW production UPDATE 1

More CSR Elite shipments will leave China next week and those shipments should arrive before Christmas as well. The delay on the community test wheels showed us problems with paperwork which we can avoid for future shipments. The last community testers should get their wheels by middle of next week so expect the embargo to end on Friday 9.12. at 18.00 CET (German time).

We will have enough wheels to fullfil all pre-orders and even more to start taking pre-orders again soon. But we will only do that once all open orders are shipped or at least 100% safe.

As we are now in control of the CSR E production in terms of quantity and quality we can now focus on the ClubSport Wheel (CSW) and both rims.

Production for CSW is now planned to start in January but we just added more features and a new PCBA design which should improve quality. This new design is not fully tested yet so I cannot confirm any date yet.

Due to our good UPS freight rates we will offer direct import from China by UPS so shortly after production we should be able to ship wheels.

Best case: January

Worst case: April

After that we fully take care about the ClubSport handbrake and shifter and they should follow quickly once we really concentrate on them. Multitasking is usually delaying all projects to make so making things in a sequence is surprisingly faster very often.

The nice surprises we have for the CSS will compensate you for waiting.



We are about to receive the first CSR E shipment early next week in both US and EU so if everything goes smoothly we can ship all open orders next week.

There are more wheels to come before the end of the year so we will start taking pre-orders again very soon.


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