FM4 review embargo and recommended settings after the patch

We finally got the community test wheels out of the US customs. Although we shipped EU and US at the same time, it took ages until UPS managed to get things done and so these wheels arrive just a few days ahead of the regular first shipment to customers. 

Good thing is that we learned from this trial run so we can avoid such a situation for the customer wheels.

The review embargo for the Forzs Motorsport CSR Elite wheel will end this Saturday at 18.00 CET (German time).

The recommended settings have changed after the patch.

The steering mode "simulation" let all cars oversteer more easily. Even the slowest Nissan Datsun 510 going uphill on Fujimi Kaido will oversteer easily although the power of the car is not enough to go higher than second gear most of the time. Do an oval track with a Mercedes C63 and you will fly off in every corner. Tim Schrick mentioned the tendency to oversteer the virtual M5 already on his comparision to the real car and he was using the old simulation mode.

I think the problem is not the oversteering but calling the mode "simulation". If T10 would have chosen "drift mode" it would have been more appropriate and still makes sense as it is fun to play. Remember: difficult not equal to realistic.

If you want to have more realistic car behavior and be faster than in the old simulation mode, you need to turn the steering mode to "normal" now.

If you stay in "simulation" mode it helps to turn down the sensitivity to 270° or even lower to 180° to make ultra fast movements. This is not recommended [edit] for smooth drivers!

Button clutching:

To map a button to work as an analog axis is ok as long as it does not bring any speed advantage. Due to the many complains of our customers and the absolutely legitimate desire to stay competitive with a wheel against a user with a controller we decided to ...

(to be continued in the CSR E reviews)

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